Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

The infrared radiation emitted by an infrared sauna can help lower inflammation, boost immunity, and stimulate healing of wounds and damaged tissues. The sauna can also relieve aches and pains, especially after intense exercise or injury, according to research.

Are there any dangers to infrared saunas?

Infrared radiation has a soothing effect on the nervous system, helping us shift from “sympathetic mode” to “parasympathetic mode.” This stress-free state allows the body to heal and eliminate toxins.

Several studies show that far wellness can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and chronic pain, especially from arthritis. Moreover, they can be helpful in managing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, says Dr. Young.

Increased circulation and sweating in the sauna removes toxins from the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. It also reduces cellulite, a condition in which fatty deposits develop under the skin and cause uneven, orange-peel skin.

It can also improve your sleep, increasing the amount of melatonin your body produces. In turn, your sleep patterns are regulated and you’re less likely to suffer from insomnia, reports one study.

Some studies have shown that sauna use can improve heart function and help people with a range of cardiovascular conditions, from congestive heart failure to high blood pressure. It can also be used to treat respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis.

Most infrared saunas are considered safe to use, but there are some risks associated with them, including dehydration and lightheadedness. It’s best to drink plenty of water before and after a session, and to move slowly in and out of the sauna.

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